" The wines the Pope savored in Estonia! "

Cesconi wines are produced from high quality and biological grapes from North Italy, where the alpine soil, rich in minerals, gives these grapes, and so these wine, an unique signature rich in perfume and wonderful in the mouth.

That of Cesconi is a family estate, with a great wine-growing tradition, rooted in history and perfected on the hills of Pressano.
On the hills or Pressano (300 m.a.s.l.) the deep and fertile soils owe their notable mineral content to the marine origins of the rock formation.
The continental climate and marked temperature fluctuations yield wines of striking flavors and length, great structure and longevity.

On the month of October 2018, Revalia Servizi created a successful tasting event, which was also advertised on this Facebook event, to attract new clients and to offer all wine lovers an unique experience coming from one of the best regions for wine quality.

Thanks to Revalia Servizi, who did manage to obtain this prestigious goal, these are also the wines that his Holiness Pope Francis savored during his only meal in Estonia the past 25th September.
Reported also in the news articles published by Eesti Sommeljeede Assotsiatsioon and by Postimees.



Made with Merlot, Lagrein, Teroldego and Cabernet grapes.
Fermentation in steel with times of 10-20 days on the grape skins.

Wine Sheet

Blanc - Cru

The grapes come from the Pressano vineyard the altitude is approximately 300 m.a.s.l., with western and south-western exposure.

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Steep and draining terrain on the Pressano hills. Pressing and maceration on the skins for 6-8 hours. Fermentation in steel.

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Pletter - Cru

In our dialect, the term “pletter” indicates a type of sedimentary rock (sandstone) from which some of our terrain originated.

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Der Blauwal Brut

Cuvée of several vintages. 70% vintage and 30% reserve. 55% yield. Fermentation in steel and used bariques; 8 months on the lees after fermentation.

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Vines almost 30 years old, on the Pressano hill. Soft pressing in the absence of oxygen; aging in barriques and large oak barrels.

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Pivier - Cru

The vineyard is located near the village of Ceniga, in the Laghi Valley; it has a flat orientation with a light rolling hill.

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Der Blauwal Riserva

Millesimato, produced only in the best vintages, using the grapes of the oldest vines. 50% yield. Fermentation in used barriques.

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Pinot Grigio

Deep and fertile soils of Pressano. Pressing and maceration of several hours, with natural decantation and fermentation.

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Olivar - Cru

The grapes come from the Pressano vineyards which consistently give the best results. The altitude is approximately 300 m.a.s.l.

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Vermouth Lynx

New entry of Cesconi winery, Lynx has been produced from Chardonnay wine vintage 2014 and has hit the Italian market less than half year ago.

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Native variety with great aging potential. 30-year-old vineyards at 500 m.a.s.l. that border the forest of Pressano with partial maceration.

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Pinot Grigio Dolomiti

Deep and fertile soils of Pressano. Pressing and maceration of several hours, with natural decantation.

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